Linear Organization Schedule

Linear Organization Schedule

DIBF Congress (every 4 years)

All countries approved for financial membership in the DIBF

• Treatment of proposals
• Establishment of 4-year-plan
• Election of Central Board


DIBF Central Board (CB)

All members elected at DIBF Congress

• Supervising functions and events
• Co-operation FIBA
• Co-operation ICSD/Deaflympics
• Co-operation ICSD’s regional confederations
• Appointment of members to the committees/commissions
• General managements


Executive Committee (EC)

Aleksas Jasiunas, Chairman
Jürgen Endress, Secretary General
Yaakov Keren, Treasurer
Tom Okiki Ndede, Zone Africa
Octavio Marcano, Zone Americas
Paul Batten, Zone Asia-Pacific
Jaroslaw Janiec, Zone Europe

• Office and administration management
• Funding, sponsorships and finances
• Operational activities directed by the Central Board
• 4-year-plan


General directions to the Committees:
The Committees may work internally by themselves with correspondence and meetings. Every year the Committees must work out a plan for their activities to present the Central Board for approval. All decisions must be forwarded to the Central Board for approval before action.