Become a Referee Clinic Host

Become a Referee Clinic Host

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The DIBF Zone Referee Clinic takes place every 4 years. DIBF allocates License spots for eligible National Federations based on the approved criteria.

Referee candidates who meet set requirements and successfully pass DIBF tests are granted a DIBF License. Referees are granted either a Gold, Silver or Bronze License. The License color defines the level of international competitions that referees can officiate.

The registration period will comprise of three (3) phases: submission of candidates, testing and data verification.

DIBF will publish the list of licensed Referees after the clinics. Once granted, the DIBF License will be valid for a 4-year period.

For further information, please consult the tabs below. Should you have any questions subsequent to doing so, please contact

Next hosting Referee Clinics:
• Americas/Asia-Pacific/Europe: 2022 in Taipei City/TPE

Download this document DIBF Referee Clinic – Bid Application Form
See more about Bidding Procedures – See here the link