3×3 Event Hosting

Winning the right to host a 3×3 event will deliver real benefits for the host country and cities on a sporting, financial, promotional and social level. As well as creating economic impact through visitor spend and commercial rights allocations, the media reach of 3×3 events makes them valuable place branding and destination marketing tools.

Some of the benefits for the event host, highlighted by case studies following 3×3 events, include:

Economic benefits:
• Economic impact and return on investment
• Place branding on a global scale (advertising and sponsorship values)
• Revenues opportunities (sale of tickets, hospitality, sponsorship packages and local broadcast rights)
• Auxiliary events potential (associated events with economic value)

Sporting benefits:
• Inspirational guests (the stars of the sport)
• Legacy of 3×3 participation (involvement of fans and community)
• Accelerated development of elite programmes

Social benefits:
• Support of wider strategic goals
• Social responsibility campaigns (social, environmental and health)
• “Green events”

Organisational Development benefits:
• Reputation and experience building in major event hosting (between National Deaf Sports Federations/promoters and public sector for example)
• Partnership working and knowledge transfer

There are different 3×3 Cups:
• 3×3 World Cup
• 3×3 U18 World Cup
• 3×3 Regional Cup (Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe)

All Cups take place every four years. The World, U18 World and Regional Cups are effected alternately two years.

Next hosting World Cup:
• December 2024 in Parana/ARG
• 2028

Next hosting U18 World Cup:
• 2025
• 2029

Next hosting Regional Cup:
• Africa: 2026
• Americas: 2026
• Asia-Pacific: 18-21 June 2026 in Ulaanbaatar/MGL
• Europe: 2026

Download this document DIBF 3×3 Cup – Bid Application Form
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