Bidding Procedures for Basketball and 3×3

1. Only members of the DIBF are eligible to bid for the World Cups in basketball and 3×3 that are officially recognized by the DIBF

2. Bids for World Cups can also be accepted from cities of nation members (i.e. Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau)

3. An DIBF member applying for the World Cups event must submit its bid application (Basketball/3×3) to the DIBF Secretariat at least four (4) years prior to the Cup and is subject to approval by the DIBF Central Board

4. A bidding application to host the World Cups shall be accompanied by the following:

• a certification of support from the proposed city
• a certification of support from the National Deaf Sports Federation

5. An application for the World Cups must contain details as to the:

• Location of the Cups
• Dates of the Cups
• Current price list for hotels, meals and transport for that city

6. An DIBF member applying to host the World Cups must in writing agree to abide with the existing DIBF Internal Regulations

7. The bidder for a World Cups must arrange for a site visit to the city by the DIBF Secretary General or the DIBF Technical Director in respective sports prior to the World Congress at which the bid will be presented. The site visit shall be taken place during the same month in which the proposed Cup is to take place. At World Congress, the Central Board’s decision as to the conferral of the right to host the World Cup will be presented for ratification

8. In the event that a bid is accepted, the host organiser shall also arrange for a site visit by the DIBF Technical Director not less than two (2) years prior to the Cup. The visit must take place during the month in which the Cup is to take place

9. The Bidding Committee may be required to make a presentation to the Central Board with information pertaining to its application

Download this document Basketball – Bid Application Form
Download this document 3×3 – Bid Application Form

Download this document DIBF Internal Regulations