A National Member Federation may have an unlimited number of DIBF Referees.
In order to obtain the title of DIBF Referee, the candidates must:

  1. Be proposed officially by their National Basketball Federation (License)
  2. Participate in a DIBF Clinic for Referee Candidates
  3. Pass theoretical as well as physical fitness and practical tests
  4. Pass the International Sign test (scheduled)


Participation and passed in:

  • DIBF Zone Referee Clinic
  • Knowledge of FIBA Rules
  • FIBA Physical Fitness Test
  • Personal performance in scrimmage games
  • Personal appearance and attitude
  • Participation in previous championships/cups of national or club character


The DIBF Referee License has three levels:

  • A-License (Gold) = Deaflympics, World Championships
  • B-License (Silver) = Regional Championships, Youth World Championships
  • C-License (Bronze) = Youth Regional Championships, Regional Cups for Clubs