Basketball Event Hosting

Winning the right to host a basketball event will deliver real benefits for the host country and cities on a sporting, financial, promotional and social level. As well as creating economic impact through visitor spend and commercial rights allocations, the media reach of basketball events makes them valuable place branding and destination marketing tools.

Hosting international basketball events is something DIBF takes very seriously and cares passionately about.

Basketball is the most popular indoor sport and the second biggest team sport in the world, played and watched by millions of people and popular with both men and women, particularly among those aged 16-34. It is one of the fastest and most athletic of all sports, it is compelling, vibrant and modern, it promotes fair play, team spirit and healthy lifestyles.

Some of the benefits for the event host, highlighted by case studies following basketball events, include:

Economic benefits:
• Economic impact and return on investment
• Place branding on a global scale (advertising and sponsorship values)
• Revenues opportunities (sale of tickets, hospitality, sponsorship packages and local broadcast rights)
• Auxiliary events potential (associated events with economic value)

Sporting benefits:
• Inspirational guests (the stars of the sport)
• Legacy of basketball participation (involvement of fans and community)
• Accelerated development of elite programmes

Social benefits:
• Support of wider strategic goals
• Social responsibility campaigns (social, environmental and health)
• “Green events”

Organisational Development benefits:
• Reputation and experience building in major event hosting (between National Deaf Sports Federations/promoters and public sector for example)
• Partnership working and knowledge transfer

There are different Championships:
• World Championships
• U21 World Championships
• Regional Championships (Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe)

All Championships take place every four years.

Next hosting World Championships:
• 2027
• 2031

Next hosting U21 World Championships:
• 17-27 July 2024 in Buenos Aires/ARG
• 2026

Next hosting Regional Championships:
• Africa: 2024
• Americas: 2024
• Asia-Pacific: 2024
• Europe: 2024

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