DIBF respects and act in accordance with Deaflympics/ICSD General Rules and Regulations. Therefore, the eligibility within DIBF is as follows:

• The Deaflympic Basketball competitions, World Deaf Basketball Championships and any international deaf basketball matches bring together, in an honest and impartial competition, Deaf athletes of all affiliated members.

• No discrimination is permitted toward an Association or a person on account of race, religion or politics.

• Participants in any Deaflympic Basketball competitions, World Deaf Basketball Championships or international deaf basketball matches must be:

a) Deaf, defined as a hearing loss of at least 55dB pure tone average (PTA) in the better ear (three-tone pure tone average at 500, 1000 and 2000 Hertz, air conduction, ISO 1969 Standard).

b) Members of an affiliated National Deaf Sports Federation and citizens of that country.

• All participants must hold the nationality of the country of their National Deaf Sports Federation/National Deaf Basketball Association. In case of objections, the Federation/Association concerned must provide proof of nationality, usually by providing a copy of passport.

Download this document ICSD Audiogram Regulations.