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2024 Africa Championships in ?
2022 Americas Championships in Buenos Aires/ARG
2024 Asia-Pacific Championships in ?
2024 European Championships in Malaga/ESP

List of last Regional Championships in all zones

Zone Americas

2016 Frederick, United StatesFull Result (will be released later)
1. United States 
2. Argentina 
3. Venezuela 

More information, here the link: PANAMDES

Zone Europe

2021 Pescara, ItalyFull Result (will be released later)
1. Ukraine1. Italy
2. Russia2. Russia
3. Israel3. Lithuania

More information, here the link: EDSO

Zone Asia-Pacific

2015 Taoyuan, Chinese TaipeiFull Result (will be released later)
1. Australia 
2. Chinese Taipei 
3. China 

More information, here the link: APDSC