The time flew by again! The DIBF Youth Camp in Hanover, Germany had hardly opened before the eventful week was over! A lot of sweat was shed, new techniques learned, new friendships made.

Under the direction of the German Deaf Sports Youth (DGSJ) and his team in cooperation with the DIBF, there was throwing, running, dribbling over ten days from 30 July to 8 August 2022 and everyone had a lot of fun.

The coaches showed exercises in different areas. Various lectures, e.g.: the history of deaf basketball, the understanding of the game on the basketball court and the history of streetball were given by different people for the 29 deaf athletes from seven different countries (Germany, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania and Canada ) held. Training and games took place in the sports hall of the Lower Saxony State Sports Association (LSB). The young participants also slept and ate in the rooms of the LSB.

But the fun factor was also not neglected during the camp. A visit to the amusement park, bowling evening, barbecue evening and a number of small games made the camp a successful event. Everyone from the youngest participant (13 years old, athlete) to the oldest participant (46 years old, coach) thought the camp was a great success.

On the penultimate day, an official game was played as the highlight of the camp. In both games (girls and boys) the “white team” won.

A big thank you to the parents for the trust and support that allows their children to participate in the camp and practice this great sport.

Also a big thank you goes to German Sports Youth, Lottery Foundation Niedersachsen and Volkswagen Sports Communication. Thanks to the DIBF for their financial and material supports, this camp in Hanover was able to be successful.

Until next time!

You can find more pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram of DIBF Youth Camp.