Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF) is a world governing body for international deaf basketball in cooperation with the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) and its confederations. DIBF shall be an independent association composed of the National Organisations governing deaf basketball.

They are managed by privileged board consisting of President, Secretary General, Treasurer and members at large – better known as Central Board. This enthusiastic board, majority are deaf, brings together with many years of management and basketball experiences, and are from different corners of the globe. In the foreseeable future, the numbers of people and positions involving DIBF definitely will increase in order to handle and to improve DIBF and for deaf basketballers. To find out who’s on the Central Board – see the Central Board profile page.

Obviously, basketball has now been increasing popular among elite deaf athletes around the world. Several international and national basketball competitions have already been held for several years under an international organisation of sports for the Deaf – ICSD. This international Deaf Sports Organisation is proud to have had such a long and rich history of Deaf sports since establishing in 1924, the oldest of international organisations on sport for disabled people – see the ICSD page.

Therefore, not so long ago, a group of highly respected deaf sports people involved in basketball came together in Turkku, Finland in May 1998 and recommended that we need a world governing body for international deaf basketball, so this can be focused entirely on the core and to improve the standards and the well beings of deaf basketballers. For more detail on DIBF history – see the History page.

DIBF endeavour to encourage the growth and development of deaf basketball in all nationals of the world through an organised programme of education and instruction. They will serve as the official governing body for the scheduling and conduct of all international contest and championships in deaf basketball in cooperation with the ICSD and its confederations. They will also maintain a documented history of the sport by recording and reporting on all major international contests from the inception of international competitions to the present. DIBF strive to do broader services to deaf basketball.

DIBF looks forward to expand it organisation and to empower Deaf basketball world with many years to come.