SOUTH AFRICA – DIBF team (Jürgen Endress, DIBF World Secretary General, Dario Pignataro, DIBF Central Board Member, Tom Okiki Ndede, DIBF Africa Representative and Paolo Aisa, DIBF Media) arrived in Johannesburg from Gaborone on 16 April 2016. The hotel vehicle picked us from the airport to Eastgate Garden Court where we stay.

Later in the same day, Julius Maxajwe, President, South African Deaf Sports Federation (SADSF) met us at the hotel where we discussed the issues regarding the clinic and seminar. He welcomed DIBF team and appreciated them for choosing South Africa to conduct basketball clinic and leadership seminar.


The program was launched on 20 April 2016 with 24 Deaf students from Filadelfia School and Sizwile School, and 14 Deaf Sports officials from South African Deaf Sports Federation (SADSF). The seminar and clinic were facilitated by DIBF World Secretary General Jürgen Endress and DIBF Central Board Member Dario Pignataro respectively.

In the leadership presentation, Jürgen pointed out the importance of having a Technical Director within the federation for coordination purpose. This positively influenced participants to choose a Technical Director Basketball which will be submitted to SADSF for approval. With this Technical Director in place, SADSF has promised to promote Deaf basketball in the Republic of South Africa.


The activities went on well till 20 April 2016. The participants were very much impressed by the leadership and professionalism of DIBF team, and they requested us to continue with the initiative in South Africa in future.

DIBF team left Johannesburg, South Africa for their respective countries on 21 April 2016.