GERMANY – DIBF has confirmed that Heraklion, Greece will be hosts of the 2023 DIBF Basketball World Championships for Men and Women. The event will take place in month of June/July 2023.

The Hellenic Athletic Federation of the Deaf (HAFD) has a strong history of hosting basketball events, also with the first DIBF Basketball World Championships 2002 in Athens. They have an experienced Organising Committee around Heraklion and Crete through numerous past FIBA events.

Letter from Mr Ioannis Stoufis, DIBF President:

To all World Basketball Fans,
To all DIBF members,

First of all, on behalf of DIBF Central Board, I would like to congratulate the two countries Greece and Turkey that submitted their host candidacies for the next 2023 DIBF Basketball World Championships, it proves that the countries love basketball.

They want to continue our institution, the history of deaf basketball all over the world. It was a very difficult decision for the members of the Central Board to choose the next country but with a sense of responsibility, with a clear conscience, and with the belief that the country that will take over the next championships, be succeed and be organised at a high level.

Both countries have proved in previous basketball events that they have done very well. In this country that will not be organised, I ask them to support our DIBF unceasingly, and this country that will undertake the next organisation commit itself to our councils and work hard so that we will have a great event for deaf athletes.

We will not forget FIBA and ICSD to support our federation, and I wish more closer cooperation with FIBA and ICSD now and in the future.

Good luck with the new host city for the 2023 DIBF Basketball World Championships.

With deep appreciation,
Ioannis Stoufis, DIBF President

The previous edition of the World Deaf Basketball Championships saw Greece women team won against Lithuania in the hard fought final with 51-42, and in the men final the USA outplay Lithuania winning 105-77, in 2019 in Lublin, Poland.

See you all in Heraklion, Greece.