History: 1998 – The 4 founders officially started on 2 May 1998 in Turku, Finland and founded IDBA (International Deaf Basketball Association). The four IDBA Board members were: President Jussi Raiso (Finland), Vice President Aleksas Jasiunas (Lithuania), Secretary General Christian Boklund (Sweden), Board Members Riina Kuusk (Estonia).

(PHOTO – IDBA Board)

1998-2002 – Many meetings, new idea: World Championships

2002 – 1st DIBF WC in Athens, Greece The first World Congress meeting took place in Athens, Greece on 20 July 2002. The congress decided to change the name from IDBA to DIBF (Deaf International Basketball Federation) for more corporate visibility and comprehensiveness. And the DIBF has been officially founded!

(PHOTO – Poster)

Time-line of 2002-2022:

– 2003: Recognized as Associate Member by ICSD
– 2004: Recognized as Deaf Basketball by FIBA
– 2005: WADA compliance
– 2007: 2nd DIBF WC in Guangzhou, China
– 2011: Anchored in the FIBA statutes
– and more (World Ch., Youth World Ch., Regional Youth Ch., Regional Cups for Clubs, Youth Camp, Development Clinic, Referee Clinic, many different events)

2022 – New sport: 3×3 opening

Perfect for 20 Years! The DIBF Central Board and all countries members will celebrate together its 20th Years Anniversary on 7 September 2022 in Ramat Gan, Israel during the 2022 DIBF 3×3 World Cup.

+++ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIBF – 20 years old +++

(PHOTO – 20th anniversary logo)

Wait – We DIBF would like to have more photos, videos, etc. in last 20 years. Team photos, medal ceremony photos/videos, matches photos/videos, opening/closing ceremonies photos/videos, world congresses photos/videos and so on…

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See you very soon and let’s us celebrate together and talk more about DIBF history, photos, videos at the celebration in Israel!